Nutty-La Cookies- CNY 2016 Cookie Special Singapore

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and so its time to stock up on your festive cookies and tidbits to welcome your family and friends when they come over to visit!

This year, we are starting the year off on a sweet note by introducing our Nutella cookies- Nutty-La!

nutella cookies1

A buttery crust encased with rich, chocolatey Nutella and topped with hazelnut for an extra crunch! This cookies are sure addictive that one isn’t enough! So, get yourself a few bottles today to share over this festive period!

nutella cookies 3

Nutty-La smells and taste as good as it looks! You can pop them in the oven if you like the Nutella center to be a little gooey or just have them straight out of the container! This cookie will be a hit among the kids as well as the adults! Don’t worry about it being too sweet too 🙂

Hurry and get them today!