How to Style a Dessert Table

The world of “dessert tables”, “candy buffets” or “lolly bars” (however you want to call them) have been popping up at events more and more. These happy treats would not fail to put a smile on people’s faces and would get your party crowd excited! Here is how you can go about planning for your dessert table 😉

Get Inspired!

There should be a cohesive design to your dessert table. You can get inspiration from anything; through books, magazines, television or just simply when you go outside and walk around.


Create a mockup of the design before the event to get a sense of whether you need to add additional candy/desserts. Creating a mock-up also allows you to see if you have planned for too much and therefore need to scale back.

Sense and Sensibility.

Once you decide on the sensibility of your table, you should keep that in mind during all design decisions for the table. From the linen to ribbon to vessels to the actual desserts, everything should have a similar feel. A modern table may call for a square cake, clean-lined vessels and grosgrain ribbon, while a romantic table may call for a round cake, scalloped vessels and satin ribbon. Think about the theme you want to create and stick to that theme throughout the design process.


Think about what desserts you want on your dessert table. You can have a few varieties of candy, cake, brownies, bars, mini pies, and truffles which are always a die for. Dessert variety can rage from as little as 3 desserts to as many desserts as you like.


I love bringing in color palettes that are unexpected.  You can try having two main colors for a punch of color and a neutral accent color. If the table is pattern heavy, make sure to include a lot of white (i.e. white platters) so the design doesn’t look too cluttered. Try not to have clashing colours as it would not look good.

Create a focal point.

Try to always have a main focal point on a dessert table. If you are serving wedding cake with the dessert table, lift it a little higher on a pretty cake stand and center it in the middle of the table. A large floral centerpiece or a tiered stand with desserts can also be a focal point

Levels, Levels.

In addition to your main focal point, create a few different levels in height. This can be done with flowers, or with tall and low serving pieces. This will help make the dessert table more visually interesting. For practical matters, make sure to place your low-lying items in the front of the table. Tall apothecary jars filled with candy are better positioned towards the back. This difference in levels would break the monotony of the entire table making it look nicer.


Add more décor by adding a garland or a backdrop behind the table. You can also hang decorative items above the dessert table (i.e. paper lanterns) with fishing wire.

Tags and Flags.

Add candy tags and dessert flags to label your desserts. This will help your guests identify what they’re eating, and is also an opportunity to add an element of design to your dessert table since you can print out pretty tags/flags.

Dessert tables are ALWAYS a hit at any party, event or special occasion. You can design your dessert table creatively with different designs and decorations or simply ring us up at Cup.Cakes Singapore for us to do up your dessert table 🙂 Choose from a variety of different desserts and sweets and be on your way of getting the desired table of sweet treats today!

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