How To Make A Fondant Cake | Easy Steps On Making Fondant Cakes

Who remembered playing with play dough when they were young? Well, fondant is a lot  like the play dough as it is pliable and can be rolled out to create a variety of shapes and decorations. Ever wanted to try making your own fondant cake? Here are some simple steps you can follow in creating your own fondant cake!

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Things you need:

1. Cake (any size, flavour,shape)

2. Fondant

3. Fondant rolling pin

4. Various cookie cutters

5. Icing/ Frosting

6. Cake Leveler

7. Pizza Cutter and/or Fondant Cutter

8. Fondant Mat


Steps on making the fondant cake:

  1. Bake any 2 cakes that you like as we would be “sandwiching them in between frosting. After the cakes has cooled, you need to make the top of the cake flat by using a cake leveler.

  2. After both cakes have been leveled it is time to frost.

  3. Start filling the top portion of one side of the cake and than cover it with the other cake. Cover the entire cake with frosting and smooth the frosting. None of the cake should be exposed at this stage.

  4. Moving on to the fondant. First you need to sprinkle powdered sugar on your work surface.  The powdered sugar will keep the fondant from sticking.  Use the fondant rolling pin to work out the fondant so it is a little over 1/8″ thick.  The fondant will be hard in the beginning but as it warms up it will become more pliable.

  5. You can lift the fondant with your hands and cover the cake with it or roll the fondant around the rolling pin and then “unroll” the fondant over the cake.

  6. After you lay the fondant on top of the cake you need to smooth out the top of the cake.  Do not press very hard because you might squeeze out some of the frosting.  After the top is smooth you need to work all the sides so they are flat against the cake.  This takes patience but the fondant will give and take to do what you want.  Just be carefully not to pull the fondant too hard because it can create holes and tears.  It is easiest to start in one spot and work your way around.

  7. Once all the sides are covered, remove the excess fondant around the bottom edge of the cake.  Be carefully not to cut too much and reveal the cake underneath.  Some frosting may also squeeze out at this point so have some paper towels ready.

  8. Once all the excess fondant is removed, you are ready for decorations.

  9. To “glue” fondant decorations to the cake you can dab some water on the fondant and this will act as a glue.

Follow these 9 easy steps and be on your way to creating some pretty fondant cakes!