How To Have A Great Party Without Exhausting Yourself | Tips And Tricks For A Fantastic Gathering

Following up on the previous post on “How To Have A Great Party!“, it is also crucial that you are not overly exhausted in all the planning and organising that you are too tired to fully enjoy yourself at your very own party. So today, we will be sharing on how you can have a great party WITHOUT EXHAUSTING YOURSELF!

  1. Plan your guest list preferably 1-2 months in advance- This allows guest to check and block out their schedule and give the host adequate time to prepare for the party to cater to all the guest turning up
  2. Make a checklist- Before the day of the party, take out this checklist to see if you have everything you need for the big day
  3. Forgo a formal dinner- Prepare some dishes and put them on a common table. Serve up the food buffet style!
  4. Pick a theme for the party- Having a theme for the party will get your guest talking and also it will look nice in photos! If you don’t know what to do during your party, set up your camera and snap away!
  5. Give guest an assignment- You as the host can pick a themed cuisine for the party and have your guest cook up a dish according to your specified cuisine. This settles the food for the party!
  6. Create big spaces- Move your furniture around to create big spaces in your house. This allows your guest to congregate and socialise with each other if you are busy entertaining other guest.

Plan ahead of time and be in for great fun!



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