How To Get A Vintage Colour Palette Fondant| Dying Fondant

Vintage colour palette for fondant made goods can look really pretty and elegant. Here are some tips on how you can create a vintage colour palette fondant!

1. Begin a base colour

When creating a vintage colour palette,  colour all of the fondant that you will be using a base colour of ivory. Tinting the fondant a pale cream or ivory before adding the main colour helps to create a lovely vintage or antique tone to the palette. Just as how a photograph gets older, it develops a more sepia tint; we want to replicate this into colouring our fondant. For bolder colours, add not only more colour, but a little more ivory or cream gel colour too.

2. Use gel colouring instead of liquid colouring

Gel colouring has a more concentrated colour but they don’t weaken the stability of your fondant, buttercream or chocolate compared to liquid food colouring. Adding liquids to your fondant would make it a mess and very hard to handle. Adding liquids to chocolate would cause it to seize. Thus, we want to avoid adding liquids to the fondant or chocolate.

3. Add a little colouring at a time

Always start with a small amount of colouring and work your way up. It’s so much easier to add more colour to get the tone you desire than it is to remove colour. Use cocktail sticks dipped into your pot or bottle of colour and add gradually to your fondant. This gives you a good control of the concentration of the colour too.

4. Knead well

To mix in the colour into the fondant, we knead it very much like kneading bread. After adding a little bit of gel or paste, and using a clean surface, knead the fondant with the palms of our hands getting rid of any streaks!

Hope these tips would be useful! For fondant cakes and cupcakes, click here!