Different Cake Shapes

Choosing a cake shape is really not as simple as you think it is. Having a different cake shape means that the style and way of decorating the cake would be different. Some common cake shapes includes the circle and rectangle.

Round cakes

Having a simple, round cake is one of the most common cake designs and although it looks simple, it is a great backdrop for interesting designs and colours as the cake shape would not steer the viewers’ attention away from the cake design.  Designing round cakes are one of the most fun things to do as elaborate, quirky designs can be used without making the cake look too over the top.

Square/ Rectangle cakes

Square cakes are a modern twist to the traditional round cakes and offer another alternative to those who do not want round cakes. To soften the edges of the cake, sugar flowers, pastel colours or embellishments can be used. To emphasize the shape, ribbons can be tied round the base of each tier.

Petal/ Scalloped cake

This flower shaped cake is great for garden weddings or they offer a great variation to the base of a round cake. Having a tier cake with all tiers being round may seem a little boring so play it up with having the base of the tier cake in a scalloped shape. However, as the scalloped design is very unique, you would not want to steer people’s attention away from the pretty design so keep the decorations on the cake simple and choose decorations that complements the cake shape.

If all the tiers of the cake are scalloped shape, it is good to keep the bottom layers free of decoration and decorate the top tier with sugar flowers or embellishments. This gives the cake a classic feel.

Hexagonal cake

Having a hexagonal cake is definitely unique and is a great alternative to the square cake. Hexagonal cakes are “loud” on its own so keep the designs of the cake simple and clean. You could decorate each tier with buttercream pearls and the cake would look very good on its own.

Topsy-turvy cake

A topsy-turvy cake is a fun cake to have at a party as it would lighten up the atmosphere and it makes a bold statement. As the cake design is fun and quirky, stay away from elegant flower decorations. Rather, play up each tier by creating unique designs and using funky add-ons and embellishments. Make the cake colourful for a playful touch 😉


It is also good to combine different cake shapes together so as to provide more variation and break up the monotony of the cake design.

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