Cupcake tips that makes a LARGE difference

These cupcake tips that are listed below are actually quite simple and most people may already know it but could possibly overlook it due to its simplicity. However, if you follow these tips, I am certain that your cupcakes would turn out more tasty and delicious!

1.       Butter

I cannot emphasize this enough! Use the BEST butter that is available in your local store if you want to create cupcakes that are really delicious. Butter is an essential ingredient in cupcake making and different brands of butter have different fat content. A darker coloured butter tends to have a higher fat content and tend to be oilier. This causes the cake to be denser and moister. The way how butter is stored also affects the taste of the butter and the cupcake. Remember to wrap your butter properly when you keep it in the refrigerator as you do not want anything to drop into the butter.


A good butter to use for making cakes would be Golden Churn, SCS (Slightly oily) or President.


2.       Real ingredients

Instead of using food extracts or artificial food flavorings, try to use the real ingredients when cooking or baking. Using real ingredients not only brings out a better flavor in the food, it is also healthier and more beneficial to our health as we get the vitamins and nutrients from the natural ingredients.


3.       Sweetness level of frosting

Control the amount of sugar that is added into the frosting as we do not want the frosting to be overly sweet as this could over power the taste of the cupcake. Ultimately, we are eating cupcakes more for the cake; the frostings on a cupcake should complement the cupcake and not over shadow the cupcake.


4.       Wrap it up

When exposed in the air, cupcakes lose their moisture and this affects the texture of the cupcake. Use a plastic wrap to wrap the cupcake to prevent the moisture of the cupcake from escaping. Moist cupcakes are what we are looking for and we do not want our cupcakes to turn stale and dry as it would not taste nice. For proper suggested storage of cupcakes, check out our blog post on storing cupcakes.


5.       Temperature of ingredients

It is common for recipes to call for the use of ingredients at room temperature as this allows ingredients to be mixed more evenly and smoothly. This is especially important in the creaming of butter and sugar. Have you ever tried creaming butter that is just taken out of the refrigerator?  The creamed mixture would not be smooth and would be lumpy. In the creaming process, we need to ensure that the butter and sugar are at room temperature so that the mixture would be light and fluffy. This also affects the moisture and denseness of the cupcake.


These tips are not only simple to follow but also do not require a lot of effort and time. The next time when you try baking cupcakes, remember these simple tips for a more delicious, moist cupcake that would surely delight any taste bud 😉 Also, if you are looking for places to get your baking supplies, do check out our comprehensive list here!