Cup.Cakes Singapore: Redefining a cupcake

What comes to mind when you think of a cupcake? Sweet, pretty things which are lovely to look at but not always that great in taste? Well, thats stereotyping.

Cupcakes can look pretty and appealing and taste great too! Here at Cup.Cakes Singapore, cupcakes are freshly baked and made to order daily.
Besides the usual sweet flavours, our cupcakes also comes in savoury flavours. These savoury cupcakes brings a whole new dimension to the meaning of a cupcake and tantalise the tastebuds.
We are also looking at exploring local flavours and incorporating it into our cupcakes. Singapore has a wide variety of flavours to offer due to the many different types of cuisines we have. Local flavoured cupcakes are not commonly available in the market so join us while we explore the great options of local cupcake flavours! Some flavours we have done are durian and Gula melaka coconut cake.
Stay tuned for what unique flavours we have installed for you and be greatly delighted 🙂
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