Cake Hype- Raindrop Cake| What Is it Actually?

Ever heard of a Raindrop cake? Google an image and you will find that it looks like a transparent/ translucent blob of jelly.

If you are curious how this Raindrop Cake taste like, it is a light and refreshing dessert and it would taste quite bland if you do not add any colouring to it. But since it is a Raindrop Cake, it needs to be transparent and thus, no colourings or flavourings will be added as we do not want to distort the colour of the cake. Trying to retain the transparent colour of the agar is important to create a raindrop like effect.

This cake caused a hype and it was created in New York. However, anyone can easily make this cake! Here is what you need in order to make this Raindrop Cake.

Ingredients used to make this cake: Water and agar strips/ jelly powder

You can add sugar to it to give the cake some sweetness and serve it alongside freshly cut fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches or use canned fruits to save you the hassle of having to cut the fruits up into smaller pieces. Another way to eat this cake is to serve it with some soya bean flour (kinako) with azuki beans for a Japanese touch. You can add your favourite syrups or honey too.

This cake really just acts as a base and allows you to use your creativity to create some deliciously refreshing desserts. This dessert is good for those watching their weight too as the Raindrop Cake is calorie-free. Just make sure you don’t add too much sugar or syrup and your waistline would not be jeopardised.

If you are in need for some refreshing desserts and do not have the time to make them yourself, click here!

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