Baby Toddler Friendly Safe Healthy Cakes With Reduced Or No Sugar And No Additives

Are you celebrating your baby’s first birthday or have young children at the party and do not want them to consume too much sugar from the cake? You have reached out to the right site! We do baby friendly cakes that are low in sugar and contain no additives and preservatives. Fret not about the taste as it would still taste absolutely delicious and your little one would love it!

Babies under two are advised to have no or minimal sugar in their diet. Therefore we have other ways to make the cake without adding in processed sugar. A good source of natural sweetener would be to use very ripe bananas. Ripe bananas are a good source of replacement for oil and sugar.

Besides using bananas, you can also change out your flour to almond meal which is not only a good source of protein but also have a light sweet taste to it naturally.

All cakes would not look like a birthday cake without some frosting. However, it is in the frosting that the amount of sugar is sky high. Listen up as there is good news! If you want to still have your frosting and eat it, you can opt for some of these healthy options. Choosing a natural peanut butter, coconut whipped cream or yogurt can be a great way to frost your cake! If you would like to colour dye your frosting, opt for natural colouring. You can use dragon fruit for that fresh fuchsia pop of colour, blueberries for that lovely lilac and bananas for that muted yellow!

As the cake is for babies, fondant and icing is a big no no. Hence, you can look for some cute cupcake toppers which can be used. Alternatively, you can buy some figurines which are in theme with the birthday celebration to be placed on the cake!

We can bake cakes for a sensitive diet without compromising on the taste. If you would like to order your own piece of delicious cake, contact us today!