10 Best Cupcakes in Singapore 2021

Cupcake and dessert trends come and go and what is popular in 2021 you may wonder? Read on to find out more!

  1. Proposal Cupcake Saying “I Do” with cupcakes is a cute and fun way for a proposal! You can customize the type of cupcakes you would want to use for your proposal and also customize the theme and message that is best suited for you! These fun and pretty cupcakes would also serve as a good dessert and sweet ending to your already perfect night! Engage happily today with your very own customized proposal cupcakes!
  2. Hen’s Night CupcakeLooking for something cheeky and naughty or classy and proper? Our range of Hen’s Night cupcake is just the perfect choice for you! With these fun and cheeky cupcakes, it could add lots of laughter and joy to your special night out! Hen’s Night is the night whereby you let loose with your girlfriends and maybe get wild! Wait no further and customize the type of Hen’s Night cupcakes you want with us today!
  3. Wedding CupcakeWeddings are a joyous occasion filled with lots of love, smiles and happiness. What better way to celebrate this already sweet occasion with some lovely wedding bakes? We have a range of wedding cupcake designs that would suit any wedding. If you have a preferred colour scheme or theme that you are looking for, we can customize the cupcake designs to your liking!
  4. Golf CupcakeDSC02380Know an avid sports fan? We have a range of different sports cupcakes that are available for you to choose from! From basketball, rugby to golf, bowling and football, we have it all covered! Celebrate sports on a sweet note with these beautifully crafted cupcakes!
  5. Classic CupcakeSometimes we just want a good old classic cupcake with no fuss; if you are looking for something like that, you would be glad to know that we offer a wide range of different flavoured cupcakes that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, tea and even supper! If you are more adventurous and want to try out new flavours that cannot be found in the market, you would be very happy to know that we can customize cupcake flavours too!
  6. Gender Reveal CupcakeBabies are a joy to have in life and if you are looking to share the joyous news of the gender of your baby, you can do so with some cupcakes! Let us know the test results and we would customize the core of the cupcake for you! Pink for Team Girl and Blue for team Boy! Bite into the lovely cupcake and be surprised! How fun is that!
  7. Totoro CupcakeCartoon cupcakes are very popular not only with children but also with adults! If you have a cartoon that you like, you can send us the design and we can do the cupcake design specially for you!
  8. Water Colour CupcakeWater coloured cakes and cupcakes have been the in-trend at the moment and these pretty pops of colour surely brings lots of joy and colour into your mundane cupcake! You can choose the type of colours you would like to see and every cupcake is different due to the blending of the cupcake! This unique cupcake would surely pick up nicely in photos and would be a joy for the eyes!
  9. Flower CupcakeFlowers make any girl happy and even if it is not a declaration of love, you can gift your girl friends some flower cupcakes without feeling awkward! Choose the colour of the flower you like and also the design of the flower from our range of flower cupcakes available! We can even make a flower bouquet cake if you like for special occasions such as Mother’s Day or anniversaries! If you are looking for whole cakes with flowers on them, we have that settled too!
  10. Message CupcakeSay it with a cupcake! This can be a cute and fun way to tell someone how you feel! Customize your own message, design and overall look of how you want your cupcake box to look like and we would help you with it! We can even do a surprise delivery for that special person you want to send the cupcakes too!


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