3D Birthday Cupcakes Singapore For Boys

Is your boy’s birthday coming up and you want to get something for him that would truly surprise him this birthday? Take a look at our selection of cakes for your boy and place an order with us today!

Design 1: Shark’s Fin

shark cupcake6

Design 2: 3D shark

shark cupcake7

Design 3: Sucked Up In A Tornado

shark cupcake2

Design 4: Classic Burger

burger 1

Design 5: Candy Cone

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 9.19.42 PM

Design 6: Flying High


Design 7: 3D Football Cupcakes


Design 8: Race Car

race car 1

Design 9: Bowling Cupcakes

bowling cupcakes

Feel free to choose the above available designs or if you have something special in mind, do feel free to customise your own cupcakes! Links to each of the above themed designs are attached below! Feel free to browse through more images if you like!



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