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As our cupcakes, our muffins are reduced in sugar and fats so don’t worry about the occasional indulgence!

Flavour 1: Chocolate Chip Muffin

2013-10-05 10.23.30

Flavour 2: Fig Muffin
2013-10-24 08.53.11

Flavour 3: Almond SlicesIMG_3116

Flavour 4: Matcha Green TeaP1070464


Flavour 5: Blueberry Pound Muf

blueberry cake

Flavour 6: Earl Grey Muffins


Flavour 7: Perk-me-up

Aromatic Coffee Muffins

coffee chocolate cake 3

Flavour 8: Hav-a-break Cupcake

Coffee muffins topped with biscuit crumbs

coffee chocolate cake 4

coffe cupcake 4

Flavour 9: Chocolate Coffee Cupcake 

Coffee cupcake with chocolate swirls and topped with chocolate krispy

coffee chocolate cake 2

coffe cupcake 3

Flavour 10: Double Chocolaty Goodness

Chocolate cupcake with a dose of chocolate chip!

coffee cupcake

Flavour 11: Tira-miss-u

As the name suggest, this is the classic Tiramisu spun into a muffin!

tiramisu single

Flavour 12: Plain Vanilla