Why choose WEIGHT as the unit of measuring ingredients?

There are many forms of units in measuring out the amount of ingredients needed but I personally like to use a weighing scale to measure out the quantity needed and these are some of the reasons why.

1. Faster and easier

Using a weighing scale allows you to prepare the amount of ingredients needed in a faster period of time as the ingredients can just be placed onto the measuring scale and the weight can just be read off easily. If other forms of unit of measurement are used (such as cups), more time is needed as you would need to fill up each cup before getting the amount you need. Imagine if the recipe calls for 3 cups then won’t you be repeating the measurement again and again?


2. Consistent results

Using a scale allows me to get consistent results and the baked goods yielded are always in the same quantity. If cups are being used as a unit of measurement, it is not as accurate as every time a different amount of flour may be poured into the cup even though it looked roughly the same volume.


3. Easy to increase or decrease the quantity

Using weight allows you to conveniently increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients if you want to change the amount of products yielded. If cups are used, it would be harder to measure out the accurate quantity if the recipe is divided. An example would be: if a recipe calls for ¾ cup flour to be used but if you decided to half the quantity to scale down the yield, it would be hard to measure out 0.375 cups of flour. If weight is used, you could easily just read off the scale.


Another point to note is that when recipes call for ounces or grams, do not try to change it into cups as it would not be accurate. An example would be if the recipe calls for 8 ounces of honey (using a scale), it does not mean the 8 ounce mark on the measuring cup. The 8 ounce mark on the measuring cup actually measures out to 12 ounces of honey if a scale is used. Measuring using a scale is not proportional to using a measuring cup!

If recipes measure ingredients in cups, stick with measuring in cups but when it calls for weight, use a measuring scale if you want to reduce the chances of baking disasters 😉 Look out for other baking tips and interesting blog posts on our website! Upcoming post would be about how to convert from one unit of measurement to another; remember to check that out!

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