Where to find the best cupcake in Singapore?

First things first; when we want to find the best cupcake, we need to know the criteria of a best cupcake.

Most people would agree that in order for a cupcake to be one of the best, it needs to be moist, fresh and delicious leaving you wanting more of the cake. “Best” is a subjective term and I feel that for a cupcake to be considered one of the best, it needs to also consider the sweetness level of the cake and the amount of frosting on the cake as ultimately we want the frosting to complement the cake and not over shadow the cupcake.

Cupcakes also need to be moist and not dry and crumbly. Dry cupcakes usually have too much flour and are hard when bitten into. Another possible reason for cupcakes to be dry is due to the long baking time of the cupcakes. Good cupcakes tend to be moist and fluffy when bitten into.

As all food items taste best when fresh, this applies to cupcakes too! Freshly baked cupcakes are the best tasting and the moisture of the cupcake is also at its optimum. However if you have any leftover cupcakes and want to store them for consumption next time, check out our blog post on storing cupcakes here:  http://www.cupcakes-singapore.com/blog/how-to-store-cupcakes/

Different people like their cupcakes differently. Some people prefer a denser cupcake while others like a lighter, fluffier cupcake. Different bakeries offer cupcakes of different textures so in order to find the cupcake that best suits your taste buds, you need to go out there to do a taste test for yourself 🙂

With that, I leave you on your journey in finding your perfect cupcake! If you need any suggestions, check out our blog post on Great places to find cupcakes :




For those finding cakes that would not damage the wallet too much, check out:





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