What to do with leftover cake | Top 12 Creative Leftover Cake Ideas

Whenever we do a 3D cake or a normal 2D cake, there would surely be scrapes left due to the carving of the cake or the inability to finish the entire cake. This leftover cake should not be thrown away as it can be turned into delicious, fabulous treats and do not have to go to waste 🙂

Here are top 12 ways of using leftover cake to make sumptuous, decadent treats!

1.       Make a crumb cake

Crumb cakes are delicious and would minimize wastage. You can vary the flavor of the crumb cake by adding different flavors such as honey, chocolate, jams or fruits.


2.       Cake pops

Cake pops have been quite a trend these days and they are cute and bite-sized! Cake pops can be decorated to fit different themes for different occasion.


3.       Cake balls

Cake balls are something like cake pop just that there is no lolly stick in a cake ball. Cake balls can be coated with chocolate, nuts, sugar crystals, fondant, desiccated coconut  … …


 4.       Make a whole NEW cake

You can add fresh fruits, jams, chocolate, syrups, frostings … … to make a whole new cake, for instance, if you have an angle cake, you could cover it with fresh cream and fresh fruits to make a fruit cake 😉


 5.       Replace flour in recipes

Reduce the leftover cake (no frostings) into crumbs and replace the flour in the recipe with cake crumbs on a one-to-one ratio. These substitutions are great for muffins or bread loafs.


 6.       Base of cheesecakes or tarts

Reduce the cake into crumbs and mix it with butter to form a crust for cheesecakes or tarts.


7.       Trifle

Served in glasses, trifle are easy and fast to make with leftover cake. Add in fruits, cream, syrups or whatever you like into the cup and serve it 🙂


 8.       Dress the side of cakes

Make the leftover cake into crumbs and instead of frosting the side of your cake with nuts or sprinkles, use cake crumbs.


 9.       Ice cream topping

Reduce the cake into crumbs and sprinkle over ice cream. Alternatively, you can sandwich the ice cream in between slices of cake to make an ice cream sandwich.


10.   Bread pudding

This makes for a deliciously buttery, buttercream-studded variety of bread pudding, soft and sweet in the middle, and punctuated by sweet, crunchy bits of frosting on top, which reached a semi-caramelized state during the baking process.


11. Add to yogurt

Nowadays, there are lots of yogurt shops around that allows you to add different toppings on top of the yogurt. Yogurt is a good alternative to ice cream without compromising on the creaminess  and sweetness. Adding cake to yoogurt adds more texture and flavour to the yogurt. Do throw in some nuts and raisins too!


12. Add to smoothie/ milkshakes

Adding cake crumbs to smoothies and milkshakes allow you to softened up the cake and it also adds a delicious flavour to the drink. You would also unknowingly be eating your cake as it goes down so effortlessly with the milkshake or smoothie.


With all these creative suggestions, remember not to throw away your leftover cake the next time you have any as these “scrapes” can be made into other delicious desserts and pretty party treats 🙂

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