Successfully Melting Candy for Cake Decoration

Melting candy may seem like an easy task and it is if you are careful and not let any water come into contact with the melted candy.

Candy melts are also known as confectionary coating, bark or summer coating. They are made of sugar, milk solids and vegetable oil. When melting candy melts, do not heat it for too long as the original consistency of the candy coating would be lost. To thin out the candy coating, add 11/2 teaspoon of vegetable shortening for every 315g of candy melts; 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening for every 375g of candy melts.

Candy melts can be used to coat cake pops, cake balls, cupcakes or cake. Candy melts come in a wide variety of colours you can choose from. The most commonly used and found Candy melts comes from Wilton.

You can melt candy in three different ways:
1. Microwave
When microwaving candy melts, start off by melting it for 1 minute and stir thoroughly before heating it again for another 30 seconds if the candy has not melted. Continue melting it at 30 second intervals and stir after every round until all the candy has melted.

2. Double boiling
Fill the lower pan with water and let the water boil. Place the candy melts in another pan which would be placed above the lower pan. Stir the candy melts continuously until smooth.

3. Slow cooker
Place the candy melts in a slow cooker and stir continuously until all the candy melts.

A tip to successfully melt candy is to ensure that your utensils are DRY! If water comes into contact with the candy, it would tighten. If this really happens, you can add additional
shortening 1/2 teaspoon at a time 🙂

I find that double boiling is the best as you will be able to more accurately control the extend to which the candy melts. However, if you want to melt many colours, the more convenient and time effective way would be to use the microwave.

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