Myths and Facts: Bread

Some people have the misconception that if the label states that the bread is high in fibre or that it contains a certain amount of whole grain, and therefore the bread is good for health. Here are some of the common misconceptions about bread.

Myth: Bread “high in fibre” or have a “multi-grain” label are healthy

Fact: “High in fibre” or “multigrain” bread are healthier than white bread but not as healthy as whole grain bread.

Myth: Bread that looks brown and contains the name “wheat” contains a lot of fibre and whole grains and therefore is healthy.

Facts: Look at the first ingredient used in the making of the bread. If the first ingredient is “wheat flour” or” enriched white flour”, you are probably looking at bread that is made from white flour and not “whole wheat flour”. Therefore, this bread does not have high amounts of vitamin B and proteins that are beneficial for health.

Myth: Any bread that contains whole wheat or whole grain are essentially good for health.

Fact: It is true that whole wheat and whole grain bread are the most beneficial for health but make sure that it is a 100% whole grain or 100% while wheat πŸ˜‰

If it is 100% whole grain/ whole wheat, it would be the first ingredient listed.
Other Bread seraching tips:

Another thing you would want to look out for when choosing bread is the sodium content present. Sodium is important for the flavour and yeast activity but some bread contains a high level of sodium, so look for bread that has low sodium levels.

Although some bread are whole grain, they are not rich in fibre and that is okay as long as we consume at least 3 grams of whole grain a day and eat lots of fruits and vegetables πŸ˜‰ This would ensure that we are healthy and leading a balanced lifestyle. Whole wheat cupcakes and cakes are a great alternative to normal cupcakes as whole wheat cupcakes allow you to still enjoy the joy of having a cute cupcake and also reduce the amount of calories consumed. Healthy cupcakes and cakes made from wheat flour areΒ  available here at Cup.Cakes Singapore πŸ˜‰ Do leave us a message if you require the cakes to be made of whole wheat flour.

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