How to spot a BAD macaron?

Macarons are quite pricey and so not all of us can afford going around trying and buying different types of macarons. Here are some tips to prevent you from buying badly made macarons. Read and learn!

1. Air bubbles

Have you ever bitten into a hollow macaron shell? This hollowness is due to the presence of air bubbles inside the cookie. Air bubbles can be gotten rid off easily if the unbaked macaron shells are banged on the table top to release the air bubbles present. This small step makes a whole lot of difference in the end product.

2. Cookie shells that are separated from the cookie

This is a visually sad looking macaron as the outermost macaron shell separates from the inner cookie leaving the inner cookie glued to the fillings. This kind of macarons should be avoided as it looks bad even before tasting it.

 3. Excessive colouring

Natural shades or adding a little bit of food colouring is ideal for macaron shells but excess colouring makes the macaron look unappetizing and artificial.

4. Almond extract

Macarons are expensive to make due to the use of ground almonds. Almond extract should not be added in place of ground almonds as this causes the macaron to lose its flavor and taste.

5. Too large or small macarons

An ideal macaron should be a little bigger than a quarter. If macarons are too large, the centre of the macaron would be chewy and gummy while the outer portion of the macaron would be over-baked and crunchy.

If the macaron is too small in size, it does not have enough contrast of textures and taste.

6. Bumpy macaron shells

Some macaron shells appear bumpy as the almond flour is not finely sifted. Macarons are not just about the taste but about the appearance too.

 7. Too little fillings

The ideal cookie to filling ratio is 2:1. The macaron filling must be enough so that the macaron is delicious and looks good. If the filling is too thin, the macaron appears to only have two macaron shells.

 8. Overly sweet

Some macarons are overly sweet and this causes the macaron to lose its original flavor. Usually shops with excessive colouring in their macaron shells have macarons that are too sweet.

 9. Hard macarons

Some macarons may be hard and this is because the macaron is stale and not fresh. Macarons turn hard when they dry out so macarons should be consumed within 3 days to maintain its maximum freshness.


Some macarons may not look pleasing but taste not bad. Macarons may lose its shape if it is over mixed and is popped straight into the oven. If you are unsure if you have over mixed your batter, it is best to just leave it out to sit for about 15 minutes before baking.

Next time when you go in search for macarons, look out for these tips and try to stay away from bad macarons:) Good luck in searching for good macarons;)

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