Get clear on quantity and measurements-How to convert between different units of measurement

When we look at different recipes, the units of measurement tend to be different. Some recipes measure in cups while others measure by grams, ounces or volume. Won’t it be great if we have a table telling us how different units relate to one another? Well, your wish has just come through with this Cup.Cakes Singapore’s post!


Ingredients British measurement Metric equivalent(Approximate) American measurement
Flour (plain, self-raising flour) 4 Ounces(Oz) 115g 1 cup
Corn flour 4½ Oz 130g 1 cup
Icing sugar/ confectionary sugar 7 Oz 200g 1 cup
Brown sugar 4 Oz 115g ½ cup (firmly packed)
Castor/ confectionary sugar 4 Oz 115g ½ cup
Butter/ margarine/ oil 4 Oz 115g ½ cup
Bread/ Cake crumbs (dried) 2 Oz 60g 1 cup
Bread/ Cake crumbs (fresh) 3 Oz 75g 1 cup
Yogurt 4 Oz 130g ½ cup
Sultanas 6 Oz 175g 1 cup
Almonds (shelled) 5 Oz 150g 1 cup
Oat meal 2 Oz 60g 1 cup
Desiccated coconut 3 Oz 90g 1 cup
Semolina/ Ground rice 6 Oz 175g 1 cup
Nuts (chopped) 5 Oz 150g 1 cup
Nuts ( grounded) 4 Oz 120g 1 cup
Salt 1 Oz 40g 2 tbsp
Grated cheese (Cheddar type) 4 Oz 115g 1 cup
Grated cheese (parmesan) 8 Oz 225g 1 cup
Honey/ Golden syrup/ Molasses 12 Oz 350g 1 cup
Maple syrup 11 Oz 300g 1 cup
Jam/ Jelly/ Marmalade 8 Oz 225g 1 cup


Liquid measurements

1 teaspoon (tsp) 5 ml
1 tablespoon(tbsp) 15ml
1/8 cup 30ml
¼ cup 60ml
½ cup 120ml
1 cup 240ml
1 pint 480ml


1 inch = 2.5cm


Hope with this table, you will find it a lot easier to convert your recipes from one unit to another. I feel that using weight (grams/ kilos) as a unit of measurement is the most accurate and produce the best results compared to other forms of measurement. Try it out and see for yourself!

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