Doubts about Macarons

Ever wondered why your macaron did not turn out the way a macaron should be? This occurred to me many times when I was making macarons and so I thought this post would be useful to those trying to make the perfect macarons 🙂

*Batter refers to when the dry ingredients have been added into the meringue.

Meringue refers to the egg whites that have been beaten to form stiff peaks.


Moist and wet almond meal

  • Place the almond meal on a warm oven tray and allow it to dry for several hours.


Almond meal with seed coats

  • If the meal is finely grinded, having seed coats are fine. Seed coats would just make the macaron appear speckled.


Grainy meringue

  • Meringue is overbeaten and is broken.

Try beating on medium-low speed and check often as you do not want to over beat the meringue.


Foamy meringue that does not form stiff peaks

  • Mixture has not been beaten long enough
  • Beating in a bowl that has grease, oil
  • Traces of egg yolk found in  egg whites
  • Beating in a plastic bowl

You can add a little acid (lemon juice, cream of tartar)when beating in a stainless steel bowl


Thick meringue batter

  • Batter is under-mixed
  • Ingredients not measured in correct quantity


Thin meringue batter

  • Batter is over-mixed
  • Ingredients not measured in correct quantity
  • Broken meringue


Lumpy macaron top

  • Almond meal not sifted (too coarse)


Domed and lumpy macaron top that lacks feet

  • Under mixed batter
  • Broken meringue


Lumpy macaron top that looks wavy (like wax paoer)

  • Batter over-mixed
  • Temperature of oven too low
  • Meringue under beaten


Macaron shells that have bubbles

  • Failing to tap the pan before letting the macaron shells rest after piping
  • Failing to pop the air bubbles in the macaron shell before baking


Peaks of macaron do not settle down even after tapping pan

  • Batter under mixed
  • Ingredients not measured in correct quantity


Macaron has lopsided feet

  • Pan was resting on an uneven surface
  • Heat from the bottom of the oven too strong’
  • Oven temperature too hot
  • Using fan-forced heat


Macarons have protruding feet

  • Cooked on silicon mat
  • Batter over mixed
  • Cooked for too long
  • Poorly beaten or broken meringue


Macarons have no feet

  • Batter under-mixed
  • Macarons sitted for too long outside
  • Poorlybeaten meringue
  • Cooked at too low temperature


Macarons are not round

  • Did not pipe macaron shells with a piping tip and bag
  • Piped from an angle and not straight down onto the baking tray
  • Reused parchment paper
  • Parchment paper used was wrinkled
  • Baking tray is not flat


Macarons had feet in the oven but once cooked, the feet shortened

  • This is normal. Shrinkage of feet is more significant if baked on a silicon mat.


Macarons stick to baking tray

  • Macarons are under cooked
  • Baked in an oven that is too hot or cool
  • Did not use parchment paper or a silicon mat for baking (Remember not to grease the oven tray!)

Another point to note is that to allow the macaron shells to cool before peeling them off the parchment paper as it breaks easily when hot 🙂


Hollow macaron shells

  • Batter over-mixed
  • Macaron shells under cooked
  • Macarons baked at too high temperature for too short a time


Macarons have air pockets before baking

  • Macaron shells under cooked
  • Meringue over beaten to stiff, dry peaks
  • Batter under mixed (too much air in batter)


Macarons have air pockets after baking

  • Macarons slightly under cooked


Macarons are soft and break easily

  • Macarons under cooked
  • Macarons cooked at too low temperature
  • Batter over-mixed
  • Meringue over beaten


Hard macaron shells

  • Macarons have been baked for too long


Puffy and porous macaron shells

  • Batter under-mixed
  • Inaccurate ratio of ingredients (usually batter has too much eggs)
  • Did not use powdered sugar (Use fine sugar instead)


Crisp macaron shells

  • You need to fill and mature the macarons for at least 24 hours.


Macarons chirp like a bird

  • Macarons have been in the oven for far too long

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