Two of my favourite pastries are the croissant and the donut. Donuts are sweet and soft while croissants have a buttery aroma to them and their soft, flaky interior is a die for.

The recent food craze has been over cronuts and that got me super excited to try one! Some of you may be wondering “What is a cronut? “. Well, a cronut is a hybrid of a croissant and a donut. It is flaky and buttery as its dough is deep fried till golden brown and then filled with vanilla cream and glazed.

Cronuts started off in New York in 2013. The burgeoning popularity even saw cronuts making their way into the black market. The pastry chef and owner of Manhattan’s Dominique Ansel Bakery started off the cronut craze.

The croissant-like dough of the cronut is fried in rapeseed oil to make it light and fluffy. You could make it at home but its a lot of work due to the folding and rolling of the pastry dough. To shorten the preparation time of these sweet babies, you would get a ready made pastry puff from your local grocer and just roll away. Each fold of the dough would create the fluffy interior that a croissant has. After about three to four times of folding the pastry dough, you can use a cookie cutter to cut out the donut shape.

One tip when making the cronut is to work with a chilled piece of dough so as to reduce the dough from sticking onto your hands. Also, do not over mix the dough. Just mix the dough till a consistent texture is reached.

For the filling, you could vary the cream flavour. You could have vanilla cream, earl grey cream, lemon cream, chocolate cream, strawberry cream … …

This yummy treat takes a little more effort to make but it is totally worth it 🙂



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