6 Sinful matches for chocolate

Chocolate on its own is already a treat but imagine enjoying chocolate with a nice glass of alcohol. Isn’t that just pure happiness? Some people prefer to have their chocolate with a drink that balances out the sweetness of the chocolate such as black coffee while others like to make their chocolate even sweeter and more indulgent by pairing their chocolate with a glass of wine.

Some people may find it a challenge to pair wine and chocolate but it isn’t all that difficult. Here’s a tip. Imagine having a box of assorted chocolates which have different fillings such as cherry, praline, coffee and orange. If the flavor works as a filling, it would most likely also work as a drink 🙂

Here’s a simple guide!

1.       Orange

Orange flavored chocolates taste really good as the slight acidity of the orange complements the sweetness of the chocolate. Pairing chocolate with an orange flavored liqueur such as Cointreau works amazingly well.


2.       Red berries

Chocolate works well with berries such as cherries and raspberries as the acidity of the fruit helps to tone down the sweetness of the chocolate. Fruity wines or beers go well with chocolate. An alternative would be port or brandy.


3.       Champagne

Whenever we watch movies, people are always enjoying chocolate with champagne so this s definitely one combination which would never go wrong. A Rosέ goes well with chocolate.


4.       Nuts

Nutty flavored liqueur seems like something that is hard to find but it really isn’t that much of a challenge. Try a tawny port which complements nutty chocolates. If you can get your hands on a bottle of Frangelico (an Italian Hazelnut liqueur), you are definitely lucky as you would get to taste how alcoholic Nutella taste like!


5.       Figs and raisins

Dried fruits such as figs and raisins are great with chocolates and so are drinks that have a fig or raisin taste. Examples include Sherry and Madeira which are sweet.


6.       Stout

Stouts are not liked by everybody but of you are one of those who enjoy the taste of stout, you would be delighted to know that it goes well with chocolate too! Stouts are also the only alcoholic drink that works with a molten chocolate pudding.


Chocolate is not only great on its own but with different complements. Eating chocolate makes one feel happier and if you want to sink your teeth into some decadent, rich and yummy chocolate cupcakes, feel free to order from us!

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